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Creating a sustainable congress is crucial in today’s world to reduce environmental impact and promote responsible practices. By integrating sustainable principles into every aspect of the congress, we can minimise waste, conserve resources and inspire attendees to adopt eco-friendly habits.

Congress Venue Sustainability Strategy

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has integrated tangible targets into its sustainability strategy to advance its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These targets encompass diverting 90% of waste by 2025, achieving complete reliance on renewable electricity by 2028, phasing out single-use plastics, and enhancing sustainable sourcing practices.


During late 2021, we introduced a Social Procurement Framework spanning from 2021 to 2023, aligning with the social procurement guidelines established by the Victorian Government.

The primary objective of this framework is to broaden the scope of value-for-money procurement beyond mere price considerations. It includes a deliberate focus on identifying opportunities that can yield social and sustainable benefits for the local Victorian community.

Sustainability at the Congress

Name Badges

Names badges will be fully plastic-free at the Congress. We encourage attendees to return their lanyards for recycling.

Congress App

We are proud that our Congress app includes all program information and allows delegates to participate in Q&As and connect with one another.



There are lots of options out there for delegates travelling interstate or internationally to attend our events who want to offset CO2. Most airline companies offer this as part of their booking process.

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