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Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in and access to the ICD 2021 virtual platform

How do I log into the ICD 2021 virtual platform?

ICD 2021 will be delivered virtually via the Delegate Connect platform.

The virtual platform is compatible with most browsers but is optimised for Google Chrome. You can log in from a computer, or any other devices such as smart phones and tablets as the platform is responsive.

On Monday 8 November 2021, you will receive an email from the ICD 2021 Congress Managers via mailer@delegateconnect.co from Delegate Connect, with your unique clickable link to access the virtual platform at https://icd.delegateconnect.co/. Once you click on this link, you will be taken to the landing page and asked to set up your own password. You will then automatically be logged into the platform.

Have you interacted with us using two different emails?

If you have multiple email addresses, please use the one that you received the Delegate Connect login email on. If you are unsure what email you registered with, please contact us on +61 3 8888 9503 or by email at icd2021@arinex.com.au.

When will I get my login information?

The platform login details will be emailed to registered attendees on Monday 8 November 2021. If you register on the day, please allow up to 30 minutes for your login details to be provided.

What if I can't access the platform?

Within the platform, we are available for technical support for the duration of the Congress 24/7, and you can reach us by clicking on the pink speech bubble.

Can I log in on more than one device at the same time?
No, your access code is unique and is available to use on a single device at any given time. If you log in on a new device, you will need to log out of the first device.
Which browser should I be using to access the platform?
The virtual platform is compatible with most browsers but is optimised for Google Chrome.

Navigating the platform

How do I enter a session on the platform?

Once you are logged into the platform, you can either access the program from the menu bar on the left of screen or click ‘Watch Live’ from the top menu bar. Within these menu options, you will see the Koala and Kangaroo channels to watch presentations.

You will be able to access the on-demand content once it has been played live, via the ‘Channel’ menu to select either channel Koala or Kangaroo.

Can I access the presentations and abstracts on the platform?

All presentations are available by clicking on the ‘Channels’ or ‘Program’ menu options.

Abstracts are available for oral, mini oral and poster presentations. To view the abstracts, click on the ‘Abstracts’ menu option on the left. The abstracts page will open in a new tab/window. From here you can search by theme, author or title, and have the ability to download any or all of the abstracts.

Who do I contact if the platform isn't working for me?
We are available for technical support for the duration of the Congress 24/7, and you can reach us by clicking on the pink speech bubble.


What time zone is the ICD 2021 program in?
The Congress program will commence at 7:00pm on Wednesday, 10 November 2021 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

When you log into the platform, the program timings will adjust based on your selected time zone.

How can I ask questions?
All presentations within the program are pre-recorded and there will be no live Q&A sessions (except for select sponsor symposiums).

You can either take part in the overall chat with all delegates on the left-hand side of a presentation or use the “Ask a question” functionality below the video. Be sure to include the name of the speaker the question is intended for before typing your question.

How can I connect with other attendees?

To connect with other ICD 2021 attendees, click on ‘Connect Now’ menu. You can also visit exhibitors’ booths via the ‘Exhibitor Showcase’ menu to chat with exhibitors, download useful document resources, watch informative videos or even video chat, one on one with them.

How do I participate in the virtual competition?
  1. Download your game sheet from the ‘Virtual Competition’ menu and locate where we have hidden Sheila the Cockatoo with participating exhibitors in the platform.
  2. Visit the exhibitors and interact with them to secure the codewords you will need to complete your game sheet. This may include contacting exhibitors directly via chat or video call or it may be located in the profile section of the virtual booth.
  3. Once you have obtained all the codewords and emailed your game sheet to icd2021@arinex.com.au, you will go into the draw to WIN some great prizes.

First Prize: AUD$300 Visa Gift Card
Second Prize: AUD$150 Visa Gift Card
Third Prize: AUD$50 Visa Gift Card

How long are the presentations available for?

Presentations, including posters, will be available from the platform for 12 months after the Congress, however attendees won’t be able to download presentations. Presentation recordings will only be available after it has broadcasted within the program.

How do I receive my Certificate of Attendance?
You can download the Certificate of Attendance template from the platform under the ‘General Information’ menu.